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If you have questions about trapping or vouchers, please call our help line. Please note, we are very low on volunteers right now, so you will need to trap yourself, with a voucher, unless that is not possible. We only give vouchers to people who reside within Kerr County.

Request Voucher(s)

Vouchers are to get cat(s) fixed & vaccinated for rabies. We provide traps, supplies and show you how to trap.

Please call our Help Line and leave a message to request a voucher 830-896-6053. Returned calls will not come from this number. Volunteers will return your call from their personal phones.

You are also welcome to fill out the form below and get an email or return call from one of our volunteers.

Due to Low Funds there are only a limited number of vouchers sent out each month.
First come, first serve.

Types of Vouchers:
Feral - feral cats that CANNOT be picked up. Have to be trapped - Free (Ear Tipped)
Domestic - domestic cats that CAN be picked up and put in carrier - $40.00 females & $30.00 per male. (No Ear Tip)


Thanks for submitting!

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