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The Big Fix only services cats in Kerr County. We do no relocate or treat wound animals.  Our only purpose it to spay/neuter and vaccinate cats for rabies. This is done by TNR, if we have trappers or we give out vouchers for caretakers to do themselves.

​Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR)  

  • Caretakers of feral cats contact The Big Fix through our Help Line phone number.
  • Help Line Counselors gather information and assign trapping jobs.
  • Trapping Teams or caretakers will then trap one day before surgery date.
  • On schedule surgery day, trappers or caretaker will take cat(s) to vet to have them spayed or neutered, ear-tipped, given a rabies shot.
  • The next day cats are picked up and returned to colony location
We offer 2 types of Vouchers:
 Free Feral Cat Vouchers (Wild cats you cannot pick up)
  • Call Help Line to request a Voucher - 830-896-6053
  • Make own appointment with vet.
  • Trap cats on your own, using Big Fix traps (We provide traps & instructions)
  • Any donation is accepted by Big Fix to help with cost of spay/neuter and rabies vaccinations.
 Discounted Vouchers (Domesticated tame cats)
  • Call Help Line to request a Voucher - 830-896-6053
  • Make own appointment with vet.
  • Transport cat in your own carrier
  • You pay a discounted rate to the vets of $40.00 per spay and $30.00 per neuter. This fee is paid to the vet and only covers spay/neuter and rabies.  You are responsible for any additional charges from the vet.

​​Want to help?

If you would like to help Big Fix in its mission to reduce the number of feral or homeless cats in our community, you can donate or volunteer.


We are in URGENT NEED of trappers. We will train and supply with traps. Must have an SUV or truck to transport cats.


Send us a message if interested in volunteering or join us the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm at Kerrville Pets Alive Office

414 Clay Street, Kerrville, Texas.

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